Patient Responsibility:

Appointments: If for any unforeseen reason you are not able to keep your scheduled appointment or wish to reschedule your appointment, please notify the office at least one day in advance so that we can accommodate other patients.

Contact Information: Please be sure to keep your contact information on Patient Portal up to date, including a mobile phone number. Be sure to inform us at the time of each visit if any of your contact information has recently changed.

Insurance Coverage: All patients are required to present an insurance card at the time of each visit and inform our staff if there are any changes to the coverage, address, or contact information.

Referrals: Please provide at least one week notice for all referrals.

Student or Patient Health Forms: Please submit all paperwork with instructions at least one week in advance to avoid any delays.

Patient Record / Patient Forms: Please log in to your Patient Portal account and update all the forms before your next visit.